Courses for Community & Voluntary Groups

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Customer Care


A customer’s first impression of any company is based on how the front line staff handle the initial moment of contact. This course will provide you with the essential skills for dealing with customers.


You will gain a greater understanding of customer needs and expectations, the confidence to deal with any given situation in a professional and personal way and a practical knowledge of how to provide answers and stay in control.


Presentation Skills


Whatever you do in life, your ability to communicate and express yourself clearly is of huge benefit. Discover your personal power as a presenter by learning from the best and applying new skills. We’ll help you overcome any fears or anxieties and connect with a new level of confidence and ability.


Facilitation Skills


A skilled facilitator enables a group to deal with a problem or develop a plan of action for delivering results in less time than it would take on their own. This course will teach people how to act as facilitators who can draw out and process audience input for the purpose of moving a discussion forward. Participants will learn how to recognise group dynamics and motivations through dialogue, feedback and consensus building.


Teamwork Skills


“You need teamwork to make a dream work” said Walt Disney, and it’s true. Organisations work better when people pull together. This course is designed to foster cooperation and encourage teamwork to achieve greater success and common goals.


Strategic Planning


For an organisation to be effective, it needs a strategic vision that everyone shares, from top management to individual staff and volunteers.


This two day course uses the “Technology of Participation” model to harness the creativity of your team by bringing everyone together to brainstorm ideas, organise data, name it to gain consensus, plan to realise the vision and ultimately take action.


The end result is a strategic plan with everyone’s input and a realistic outlook, with greater commitment and innovation, providing a framework to achieve the vision of your organisation.


Understanding Stress


We all have some level of stress in our lives and it’s when positive stress turns into negative stress that it’s beneficial to recognise the symptoms and manage the problem. This course is designed to help you understand what stress is for you, identify your stressors and design your own 10 point plan to deal with stress before it reaches a critical point.


Volunteers & Paid Staff Working Together


Volunteers are the backbone of many organisations while paid staff ensure everything runs effectively on a daily basis. Difficulties can be experienced when misunderstandings arise between both sets of people. This course is designed to encourage awareness of a common purpose by addressing specific issues and promoting mutual understanding and support.