What if you could realise your full potential and deliver amazing results? Would that interest you as an individual and as part of an organisation?


We all have the potential to grow, develop and lead amazing lives. Sometimes, all we need is some guidance and the tools to harness our determination. That’s where Rogers Training can help you.

 We provide training and development, facilitation and coaching to credit unions, community and voluntary groups, small businesses and private individuals. Our job is to inspire and motivate you through practical learning and good fun.

The services we provide lead to professional and personal development as well as a better work environment and enhanced life balance.


We have a lot more to us than meets the eye ……  that which others see is only a fraction of who we are and what we can do. The rest lies hidden, submerged, waiting to be tapped in to.  This may be true in our career, relationships and health and it’s about doing your best and making things happen for you.


Be amazed at what you can achieve. We’ll help you open your mind and challenge your thinking. The rewards will follow and your confidence will grow.