Courses for Private Individuals

Minding Your Money! Budgeting & Personal Finance


Why is it that some of us are not as good as others at managing our finances? This course will show you how to refine your day to day income and expenditure and give you the tools to manage it more effectively.


It will also demonstrate how to reduce your level of worry around management. It will enable you to recognise your old money patterns and create an awareness of possibility around a healthy relationship with your finances. Above all, this workshop is about understanding money and not being afraid of it.

This course can be offered on a group or individual basis.


Presentation Skills


Whatever you do in life, your ability to communicate and express yourself clearly is of huge benefit. Discover your personal power as a presenter by learning from the best and applying new skills. We’ll help you overcome any fears or anxieties and connect with a new level of confidence and ability.


Understanding Stress

We all have some level of stress in our lives and it’s when positive stress turns into negative stress that it’s beneficial to recognise the symptoms and manage the problem. This course is designed to help you understand what stress is for you, identify your stressors and design your own 10 point plan to deal with stress before it reaches a critical point.